Day & Night projects
JUNE 15 - JULY 8, 2017

Commemorative graphics and images for a changing state of FLORIDA. The title of the show is taken from a custom license plate the artist saw while traveling. It boldly declared: "FLA 4-EVER!" This is a funny contradiction, since the limestone shelf which makes up Florida emerges out of the ocean only temporarily in geologic time. . . The Sunshine State is therefore quite fluid and ephemeral.

A plurality of identities linger online. Tauches works from the memory of Florida, as opposed to the real thing, inspired by: tourist postcards, landscape paintings, highway signage, an early 20th century botanist, Miccosukee Indian skirt patterns, and the looming threat of hurricanes.

The only real artifact is video footage documenting the ocean at Alligator Point, where rising sea levels are causing erosion and flooding.

DAY & NIGHT projects
585 Wells St SW
Atlanta GA 30312



*an ongoing study.

*a modest proposal would be to buy some property for 5 or 10K in an area which will be reclaimed by the ocean. I will no longer need to do much maintence of the materiality of the house. I could keep it quite empty! visit when I wanted. . .leave when it gets stormy (or maybe stay sometimes during that, too. . .) enjoy it as a glorified camping site, a connection with Nature who is taking back her land. document it as it disappears in slow stages back into the ocean.